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  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 20:47:04 +0100

what on earth will it do to Jaws 12? in view of some on list,will fs listen? 
regards dorothy
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  XP is still supported, but not for long. However you can run it as long as 
you like, even after updates have ceased.

  Your spell-checker issue -- When Office 2007 is installed it messes up the 
spell-checker in Outlook Express, and makes it work only in French. You need to 
download and install an application called:


  It will then work in Anglais.


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     i showed this to the engineer last night,Jaws is notfamiliar to him,but I 
asked him to dothe job he came to do leaving Jaws on, the real issue is in 
spite of putting my xp laptop back to factory settings and getting in new 
drivers, itstill will not do several things. It can no longer print wirelessly 
as it did before.  He said he has searched the website for latest drivers. the 
spell check gives the most crasy offerings so odd it couldbe a mixture of 
languages. He wonders if my version of2002 is just too outof date, this xp 
laptop isusing latest version of Jaws and Ocr, but now has office 2007 on it 
not office 2002,reason the cd's for small business and office 2002 were 
scratched and the toshiba draw rejected them. He departed saying he would look 
for a better copy of windows, sincelast time he took the product key that came 
with laptop,I am not quite sure what he has in mind. His english is not the 
best but he is a kind man and does not overchargeme dorothy Ps I dare not  do 
aspell check on this since I can no longer face its offerings. when or how long 
can a version of xp windows be run I wonder? dorothy
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          You probably have the setting of the screen reading all text on to 
get this fixed ussed insert Plus s to get it to just say the highlighted text.
           Laura Shumate

      In a message dated 6/28/2010 11:23:50 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, 
Dorothy.ingram-gorban@xxxxxxxxx writes:
        Jaws is telling me everything again unasked even the font, it is also 
echoing my keystrokes, it does this mad  thing shouting all in sight and will 
finish up with time ,i do not want to know the time every second, this laptop 
was cleaned off put back to factory settings and  instead of behaving is going 
off its head,tellingme things I do not want to know or ever hear again,does 
this happen to any of you? dorothy


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