jaws, media player 11 and urge giving total crashes and a bad experience (unusable totally?)

  • From: "Andy B" <a_borka@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'Jfw List'" <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 22:09:13 -0400

I am using jaws 8, media player 11 and urge. I seem to be having some
problem to start with where when I start media player, It freezes and jaws
reads the window wrong. For example, after it starts, I press control+e to
get to the search box. I then tab to the library treeview so I can get to
the urge section. When first landing on the treeview, Jaws says "library
closed. 2 of 3" Nothing wrong with that. When I hit down arrow to get to
urge, Jaws says nothing at all. Instead, I get a "donk" sound like it's at
the end of a file or something. When I read current line, it says "library
closed. 3 of 3". This should really say "urge closed. 3 of 3". At this point
I figure either jaws froze/died on me or media player crashed. I alt f4 on
media player and it doesn't do anything except sit there. I could do this
(alt f4) 4 or so times and it would still do nothing. I try starting media
player again. It claims it started, but when I read current line, it says
"my documents closed". Insert t at this point gives me the expected "windows
media player". After I alt f4 on it a few more times it goes away, but now I
can't restart it at all (it takes a computer restart to get it to run
again). And this is the first of my worries. Anybody know what I'm doing
wrong here?
The next one deals with urge itself. I try to select more than 1 track by
doing the following:
1. go to urge section of the treeview and hit right arrow.
2. press control 7 to get to the artist view.
3. press control e for the search box and type an artist name (i typed david
crowder) and hit enter.
4. in the primary listview, hit enter on the name of the artist.
5. arrow down to the song to add to the buy list and then repeat steps 1-5
for another artist.
When I get done doing this, I hit shift f10 and hit enter on buy. I now get
a box that says I will buy 1 track (not 2?). Does anybody know how to fix
this? The other problem I have is when going through the different sections
of the urge library like artist/album, I keep getting these webpages? that
pop up all the time. All they have in them is a button that says "open
parent document button". Anybody know how to get rid of those?
Don't mean to sound so negative, but I have been fighting with this for 2
days trying to figure out if the upgrade really messed up something or not.
It would be a pretty cool player if I can get my problems fixed. tnx for the

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