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Hot tip here might be to use quickMix to quickly restore the volume
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does it consistently do this or does it only do it on certain web sites?  Do
these sites utilize Flash Media?  I've had something like  this happen to me
when I've gone onto sites that had Flash Media on them.  Although I always
assumed the Jaws speech just crashed on me.  It never occurred to me that
the volume might have been turned down.  Whenever this happened, I would
just shut Jaws down and restart.  I also configured Jaws to ignore Flash


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  Subject: jaws issue/bug

  I don't know how else to describe this bug, but here we go. I have an
Realtek AC'97 onboard soundcard. Sometimes, when I go to a link, jaws turns
the wave volume down completely. Everytime this happens, I need to get a
sited person to fix the volume as it's not the easiest thing to get at. I am
running jaws v7.0 p4 3ghz, 1gb of mem, etc. I have onboard video.

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