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  • Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 14:15:11 -0700

I think I found what is going. I went to this web site
and I went there from an email I got this week. It is an email listing what
is on sale in your area. In my case groceries. They redesigned the site. If
you heard that say large shrimp  $5.99, and if you hit shift g it would say
graphic store name. Now since they redesigned the site it says "graphic uwi
cairo.com and a bunch of numbers and logo" I wanted to try to put a graphic
label on the graphics so I would know the store name. Now jaws works fine
but when I go to that web site and try to route the jaws to pc when I am on
that graphic, it pauses for a moment and then the jaws cursor will just be
stuck on the task bar. I even unloaded jaws and pulled up jaws 6.20 and the
jaws cursor was still stuck. What do you think.

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When I first start the computer, I can use the jaws cursor to go up and
the web page. When I try to route the jaws to pc, all I get is "start
button,and a list of programs that are running when I try to go up and
with the jaws cursor. I went to a little word document in word pad and the
jaws cursor won't work either. what is going.

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