Re: jaws and safe mode

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 07:43:16 -0500

steve not exactly accurate.

true safe mode is not excessable in xp but in older flavor , 95 to be 
exact,  it was.
at least with some synths it was.

so what happen, well the support for serial and parrallel ports is no 
longer loaded in xp.

so external speech devices will not work.
plus certain dos drivers are not loaded either.

the second problem, is no sound card driver being loaded.

so no software speech.

this would be an easy task to do seeing as how m s actually has 2 versions 
of safe mode, creating a third would be easy enough.
the first mode as you point out is no drivers loaded.

the second version of safe mode includes the network driver.

so why not a third version that includes the sound card driver, if they did 
we could access safe mode.

now one last point, often you do not need safe mode to do what you want to do.

back ground first.

windows has a rule that will not allow alteration of a system file that is 
in use.

so for that reason software installation is often done in dos during the 

plus the same reason prevents you editting a file with a virus in it.

so most anti virus apts recommend dos or safe mode to do the task.

one fix that often works for me is this.

if the file is not essential to windows running you can remove it from 
running in the back ground then delete what you need to delete in windows.

i actually use a third party program to accomplish this task which shows 
more files running than task manager does.

still most files are now visible by task manager.

try to stop running the apt then make the modification in windows.

my use of the third party apt had more to do with the fact task manager was 
not accessable to jfw users until x p.

alt plus control plus delete keystroke will launch task manager.

see if the file in question is listed their.

if yes end process.

then delete or modify the file in question.


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