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I have to agree with you about the spelling being “unique” in JAWS 11,
Office 2007 and W7 64 bit.

It sure is not anything like the spelling with Office 2003 and JAWS 9 or 10.

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Spelling has been slow and quirky since JAWS 11. The ribbons are just the
nature of Office.


Have you tried the virtual ribbon in JAWS 12 beta?

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Has anyone had any trouble with it?

I can't get it to do anything, everything is on ribbens now.

Jaws 11 and 12 beta both do the same, and now trying to get it to work, It
has somehow removed my spelling tab from my outlook express settings so that
I can't check spelling.

Is there some setting I need to do so that I can use outlook?

Its seams like word 2010 is working though.

I am still on windows XP pro, I don't see why that could be it, but I don't

Anyway any help would be welcome.\



Dewey Bradley
Springfield Missouri

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