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  • From: "Wade Hemmelrick" <cybershark35@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 05:01:17 -0600

From JAWS Headquarters and JAWS Help, this is what I have pulled up.--WH

According to "What's New in JAWS 7":

Improved Menu Reading
JAWS now relies on Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) information when
reading menus. This allows for greater accuracy when reading menu items,
which is useful for users who like to customize the Windows system colors.

And in the JAWS Help page for Outlook:

Reading MSAA Information
If you find that the selected item is abbreviated or not read completely by
JAWS, press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+M to read the MSAA (Microsoft Active
Accessibility) information for that item. MSAA provides more details to
JAWS, so it can read all the information available.

Finally, the following JAWS TSN reads:

Details of Selected Bulletin

Bulletin Type: TSN

Date Posted: 10/03/2005

Product Name: JAWS

Version: 7.0 plus

Category: System Requirements

Short Description:

JAWS 7.0 or later does not read menus or other items correctly in Windows NT
or 95.


When using JAWS 7.0 on a Windows NT or 95 computer, you experience a general
lack of JAWS functionality that may exhibit a wide range of symptoms. One
particular issue is that many menu items may not read correctly.


JAWS 7.0 and later does not support Windows NT or 95. One reason is due to
exclusive use of Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) for reading menus in
version 7.0 and later.

It is recommended that you only use JAWS 6.20 or earlier on computers using
Windows NT or 95. You can download JAWS 6.2 and prior versions from the
Freedom Scientific Web site, Additional JAWS for Windows Downloads page.
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