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I know if some people put a pair of very cheap ear phones in the microphone
socket, you can hear the other person's jaws coming through loud and


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if you have a volume control on the set, try moving the control around, not
only in the directions its supposed to move (I have a set that looses one
ear if I go completely against the stop for full volume, but a tiny bit back
from that and it works fine) but in other directions that there not supposed
to go (got a pair in this condition, had to tape the volume control with the
slide bar pressed to the left to get them to work properly) cheap or some
times even good micro volume units can wear out and/or loose true contact
due to dirt, ware, bad construction, a number of reasons, so wiggle and see.


if not then start searching, jr electronics mail order in New York seems to
have a good selection. 




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Bill I will check that here in a moment and I am using my laptop w/out head
phones right now and it is coming out of both speakers.


p.s I'm thinking I will have to buy another one but I'm stubborn and
hopefully someone will give me an idea of to check certain stuff out just in
case I overlooked it. 

Thankyou nice folks!


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Did you make sure that the balances on your sound controls is at 50%?


Does the sound come out of both speakers when the headphones aren't plugged


Also, if they are USB headphones, it will have its own set of controls.


Thank you.

Bill White billwhite92701@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I am kind of nervous to post this next question with all of the drama that
has been floating around on this list lately, but what the hey the worse
that can happen is I receive no response or be told its off topic and to
take my business elsewhere, so here goes.

Ok, I think my headset is busted but just for experimenting until I can
verify that they are broken how can I verify this?

Meaning: using windows 7 pro 64 bit is there somewhere I can go to have jaws
float from one ear to the other to see if I can hear it or not. I can only
hear it out of my left ear right now.

It feels weird, I can see out of my left eye and hear out of my left ear
with the headset and I am totally blind in my right eye and with the right
side of the headset with jfw not speaking, I feel like I have no hearing in
the right ear as well. Sorry for the stupid sarcasm, running off of 2-hours
of sleep lol.

Thanks guys for anyone who can help.


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