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  • Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 00:07:06 -0400

If Microsoft makes a major change in Internet Explorer, which is the only way 
5.0 wouldn't be able to run with it, that isn't the fault of FS. In fact, there 
isn't much FS can do about it. I mean, why would they do a major re-write on a 
version that is to generations out of date?

Thanks; Gene

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  People on the list
  I was given this information,
  I don't know how accreted this is, but I will find out tomorrow,when I call 
freedomscientific .
  I was told that those of us who have Jaws 5.0
  when the next version of Jaws 7.0 comes out, that freedomscientific will not 
support with Jaws 5.0 the next version of inter net explorer.
  I hope this is not true, they want every body to upgrade to 7.0
  If they do this, I hope the blind people get a class action law suit.
  Thanks from Joseph.  

  "Why "do "bad "things "Happen "to "good "people!

  !With love always from Joseph.

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