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Thanks, but that didn't seem to help. I'll paste some of what i'm getting, and 
maybe you'll get an idea of what jaws is doing. Example, what was "facebook 
home" is now "Facebook | Tuis." Another example, where it should say "popup 
chat," it now reads "Laat Klets opspring."
Any thoughts?

Omar Binno

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  I'll get this every now and then on a web page here and there, but as of 
today, not on facebook. In any event, the quick and easy way to fix this is to 
do the insert v or insert+shift+v for the verbosity settings and press l for 
language detect and press the spacebar till you hear off.






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  I'm using jaws 10 on my computer. For some odd reason, Jaws started reading 
everything on facebook, seemingly in a different language. This just started 
this evening. I'm experiencing it both on my home computer and my work 
computer. All the links on facebook appear to be read in some other language by 
jaws. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?



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