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  • From: "Yardbird" <yardbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 10:49:26 -0700

Additional captcha adventures:

1. I used to be able to post classified ads to Craig's List with no trouble. 
its forum/bulletin section seems to be designed by someone different from 
whoever designed the home page and the classifieds, and isn't easy to deal 
with (impossible, for me) with jaws. But the ads were always no problem. 
Then they added the captcha last year or so, after you've filled in all the 
edit fields on the posting form.

I wrote to the help address, which used to have actual staff that actually 
responded to you. Twice. First time, I got an auto-response assuring me that 
my message had been received, and that I'd be contacted soon. Which didn't 
happen. Second time, there was no response at all, nor was the email 

Then I got a friend to post my complaints in a forum devoted specifically to 
comments about the site, explaining that I'd tried to contact help but 
without response. I included my email address and explained that it was 
nearly impossible for me to monitor the forum for responses in a thread, so 
asked if someone, preferably from Craig's List, would contact me. Nope. 

So now, if I want to post anything to Craig's List, I email my ID and pass 
to a friend, along with the text I wish to post, and, well, he posts it and 
then I get the reply email that you use to double check your post's 
appearance and then publish it. It's a system, yeah, a workaround, but it 
deprives me of the privacy and autonomy I used to enjoy with this stuff.

2. In registering at Yahoo for some specific new thing, too hard to explain 
and it doesn't matter,last year, I came up against a captcha for the first 
time there, and clicked on the link for "if you can't see this." Well, first 
I was directed to use online chat to scare up a helper, but even though I 
managed to figure out how it worked  and whose message was appearing 
where(no small feat for this apparent dummy) the tech support person who 
responded had no idea what I was talking about when I typed that I was a 
blind screen reader user stuck at the graphical thing. I explained it 
correctly and clearly. and I just abandoned that. I looked for a phone 
number, and found it, and the wrong department (I found out later) told me 
they'd "escalate my issue," as they say. When the "right" department called 
me back, I explained that I'd only dialed the number that was given, and 
they didn't care about fixing that. But the guy offered to adjust my account 
so that the visual image would never again come up for me when I was doing 
anything in the account, ever again. I expressed my surprise and gratitude, 
and asked when this would go into effect, and was given a period of a few 
days, after which I was to go in and try again a procedure where the 
graphical thing had foiled me. I believe this was something about signing up 
for a Yahoo group online. But no, the change was never made, and I'll be 
gosh darned (LOL)  if I'm going to try again. It won't kill me, and I have 
got my Yahoo routines together now, despite all that. But that was no fun. 
And, as in the Craig's List example of being "proactive," as we like to say 
("robust" is another good one these days) it's not the kind of effort I feel 
very much like going to again, right now at least.

Just venting, expressing solidarity. 

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