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  • Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 11:14:07 -0500

if you really want to explore all this consider the p c audio list.

mp3 creation depends on many factors.

the standard mp3 at 128k for instance uses joint stereo, not true stereo.

plus the software used to make the m p 3 also plays a part.

lame is often used as well as the german product.

some of it forces one to true stereo and others give one options when to 
pick true stereo.

so if your forced to true stereo at say  192 then much of the extra code is 
not going to improved sound  but into making it 2 channel.

so in my view if you want the same quality of a 128k with true stereo you 
need to double it to 256.

others have differant opinions on this.

also realize this whole process is getting rid of 90 percent to 70 percent 
of the original info.

so the music it self can make a differance.

one tune i have with violins gets butchered by mp3 creation.

the violin is almost non existant.

it ruins the mp3 and by expermenting i found 256 better than the top 

no idea why, but the bottom line is this the best mp3 are a result of a 
person who cares about what their making.

they put in the time to make a good mp3.

also realize certain types of music are better for making mp3 songs.

lets not forget about variable bit rate either.

a feature in some packages that determens that some parts get encrypted at 
the highest level while less complex parts do not.

then normalization is also a factor.

this feature is used to up the volume so all the mp3 will be approximently 
the same.

step one, rip the wave.
make sure it has no glitches.

step 2 normalize.

step 3 encode.

e z cd creator mp3 tool does not even allow for normalization.
talking about the roxio product.

so you want a package that normalizes.

still e z cd creator is good for ripping wave files.

by the way nero is not easy to just rip wave files.

here is what to look for in a ripper program.

jfw friendly.

the ability to do all above steps in one single action.

the ability to do them seperately.

especially rip the waves.

plus the ability to encrypt and normalize mp3 files in batch operation.

that means you got 300 waves you can start the process and go to sleep.

presto done the next morning.

also look for package with variable bit rate.

plus its nice if you have a good c d d b to tell you what songs your about 
to rip.

some cd data bases actually are paid services like grace note.
most consider that one to be the best.

some ripper packages even use more than one service in case one service 
does not have the cd in their data base.

plus a mp3 tag editor.

also the option to do ogg.

yes ogg has the same options.

some say it sounds better but my view is that oggs best feature is its free.

the folks with the rights to mp3 creation now make you pay for using in 
every program that has it.

so its not uncommon that you have to pay extra to use it in sound editors 
or mp3 rippers.

so if you try making a mp3 do not be surprised if the prgram wants you to 
pay and register to use that feature.

even if you already registerred the rest of the program.

to be honest i think its a rip off, their used to be a program that added 
it to windows so any program could access it and you only payed for it one 

so for that reason ogg is good because  their are no fees to use it.

realize one downside to ogg, your portable  may not support ogg.

your home stereo may have same issue.


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