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um! there is no manual! This is something I have learned by using the yahoo mail service. I use the t and e command to move through the pages. Now if you want to make a manual be my guest!
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Might I suggest reading the manual so that the studet in question can get a
real education instead of just lamely having to memorize how many T's or
E's need to be pressed for certain actions. This will not result in the
student learning but rather memorizing directions.
This person needs a complete understanding of the program and the tapes,
mp3's (downloadable) and other materials available from the program's web
site are a good start, especially for those who would teach. or

At 06:42 PM 8/4/2005, you wrote:
Hi, what version of jaws is being used. I am using 5.1 I use the t and e
commands a lot when I am accessing my yahoo mail. I haven't accessed it in
a while so can't remember the exact keystrokes, and how many times you hit
the t and e. I will be accessing my yahoo mail though because I need to
clear out junk mail. If you want I can tell you the keystrokes, and how
many times I hit them and where. When you are done reading your mail, you
can always hit the down arrow until you get to your choices like delete,
or reply.
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Hi all; I have a student using JAWS and presently has Yahoo web mail available to her. My preference is for her to receive her Yahoo mail through Outlook Express but I have been told this is impossible as long as she has the free Yahoo mail. She must pay a small fee in order to be able to set up a pop 3 server through Outlook Express.

Using what I have available to me.
How does one read and edit ones composition using JAWS and Yahoo web mail?
How does one get to the "send" button?
Or, is there a shortcut key for sending off the e-mail?

Thanks in advance;
Debbie Kessler
Adaptive Computer Consultant
Fullerton Community College

Jon C. Pierson


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