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SunflowerHi, first, it is not totally true that you can't do pop3 with the 
yahoo mail service for free. There is a program that you can use to set up 
outlook to work with yahoo mail. It is a free program. I think if I remember 
right I went to the jfwlitetak e the  the first step in getting this 
program.first steip
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  Hi all;
  I have a student using JAWS and presently has Yahoo web mail available to 
her. My preference is for her to receive her Yahoo mail through Outlook Express 
but I have been told this is impossible as long as she has the free Yahoo mail. 
She must pay a small fee in order to be able to set up a pop 3 server through 
Outlook Express. 

  Using what I have available to me.
  How does one read and edit ones composition using JAWS and Yahoo web mail? 
  How does one get to the "send" button?
  Or, is there a shortcut key for sending off the e-mail?

  Thanks in advance;
  Debbie Kessler
  Adaptive Computer Consultant
  Fullerton Community College

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