Re: jaws 12 freezing up

  • From: "Judy Jones" <jtj1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 10:55:37 -0700

Hi, Mike,

I'm having similar problems at work.  Our administrator has the computers going 
to sleep after 30 minutes of nonuse.  I just have to, by faith, type in my 
password, and we're good to go again, but it took a colleague with some vision 
to confirm what I needed to do.  Otherwise, I was mistaking that for a Jaws 
lockup, and, in fact, Jaws should recognize when the computer wakes up.  Had 
this problem both in Jaws 11 and 12 with Windows 7.

I have Jaws 10 on my laptop and two other computers at home running Vista, but 
I'm not likely to purchase Jaws 12 personally at this point.  


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  Hi Shannon, Dave, & Chris;

  I have this problem on a regular basis!  For , no reason!  It will happen 
just by doing something as simple as clicking on something on the desktop.  
When I invoke the Jaws key, windows key, + F4 keystroke, then when I try to 
restart any version of Jaws with its respective hotkey, no version of Jaws will 
load.  I have to do a hard shutdown & reboot before I get Jaws back again.  I 
had this happen while I had Freedom Scientific on the phone for a different 
reason and they couldn't figure out / explain why it would do this either.  I 
thought, at first, that I would be very happy with J12 but, it seems to be 
doing the same old crap the J11 did!  Losing focus & just quit working while 
attempting the simplest of tasks'.  I have written them & spoken with them, to 
no avail.  Hopefully somehow this activity, or lack of, will get cleared up.  
Oh, by the way, this is happening on 2 different desktop computers running 
XPSP3 Home, 1 laptop running XPSP3 Pro, & 1 desktop computer running XPSP3 
MediaCenter.  Take care.

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    From: chris hallsworth 
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    Subject: Re: jaws 12 freezing up

    Not at all Shanon.

    Chris H
    You can contact me in the following ways:
    E-mail and Facebook: challsworth2@xxxxxxx
    MSN: ch9675@xxxxxxxxxxx
    Skype: chrishallsworth7266

    On 20/11/2010 05:34, Shannon wrote:
    > Has anyone had a problem with jaws freezing? I mean it locks up and I
    > have to bring it up again with my hot key.
    > Shannon
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