Re: jaws 11 and net books

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 21:47:06 -0500

 do not own a netbook but a friend let me play with hers to get use to Windows 
7.  Like another person said a laptop would be better I think.  I would go with 
the full keyboard and make sure there is a number pad as well.  The netbook 
that I played with was a HP and it only had 1 ge of memory.  You could all most 
take a map while a program was loading.    
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  Hi Bob,
  thanks for the info.
  The problem is when you try to make to many key combinations with jaws it 
doesn't work.
  I gather you have a net book.
  does it have a home page up and page down and end key what about the insert 
key do you have to press the function key for the insert to work.
  on another note do you know about d-star or have used it.
  I see you have a ham radio call sign.
  Thanks and 73

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  Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 21:16:08 -0500

      On a netbook you have to use the function key and arrow key and some 
other combination get the page up, page down, and others like that.  Also you 
will have to set jaws to a laptop keyboard.  It is a learning curve.   
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    Subject: jaws 11 and net books

    Hi list,
    My name is Carlos I am new to the list.
    I use to post once in a while years ago.
    Well I just bought a net book.
    my sighted friend hlped me buy it.
    Its an hp net book from best buy.
    Since I never had a net book i did not know what to look for.
    The first thing was that when the computer was turnd on it did not go in to 
windows right away instead showing some hp media thing.
    I prbably could not hae figuered ou what was going on if not for my sighted 
friend setting it up.o
    then i found the insert but worked as a print screen first and as an insert 
only in conjction of pressing the function ke.
    Thats not good with jaws.
    Now i just have fond out it doesn
    have a home page up page down or end key.
    I took it to best buy and they are goig to let me exchange it for another 
on i have had it for mor thann a month so they are making an exception to there 
rulesbecause the naure of the situation.
    if any one has had prolems with net books like this or has any suggestions 
on specific brands like please let me know.Its a nice netbook but i don't think 
i could get uso not having a home key or page upor page dow or end.
    thanks for any help.
    The sales person in best buy suggested toshiba net books but i don't know.

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