Re: jaws 11 and net books

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they make all kinds of computers, from netbooks to desktops, and I think they 
have a pad type unit but can't remember precisely since I have no interest in 

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  Subject: RE: jaws 11 and net books

  Hi is the asus a net book?

  > Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:14:38 -0500
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  > Subject: RE: jaws 11 and net books
  > If the keyboard is a problem, you can pick up a USB keyboard for less 
  > than 20 bucks, and run with that. We do have an Asus, by the 
  > way. The salesman at Freys said "consumer's Report" had rated it 
  > very favorably. and we do like it.
  > At 08:08 AM 3/23/2011, you wrote:
  > >Hi,
  > >well a laptop would be good but i don't have the 500 plus dolars to 
  > >invest in one,
  > >and about the $300.00 range its at the botom of what laptops start at.
  > >.
  > >I use to have a laptop but it broke so I am out looking again.
  > >i like net boooks because they are small but now I'm finding things 
  > >i don't like like not having certain keys.
  > >Thanks
  > >Carlos
  > >
  > >
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  > >Subject: Re: jaws 11 and net books
  > >Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 21:47:06 -0500
  > >
  > > do not own a netbook but a friend let me play with hers to get use 
  > > to Windows 7. Like another person said a laptop would be better I 
  > > think. I would go with the full keyboard and make sure there is a 
  > > number pad as well. The netbook that I played with was a HP and it 
  > > only had 1 ge of memory. You could all most take a map while a 
  > > program was loading.
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  > >From: carlos g
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  > >Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 9:25 PM
  > >Subject: RE: jaws 11 and net books
  > >
  > >Hi Bob,
  > >thanks for the info.
  > >The problem is when you try to make to many key combinations with 
  > >jaws it doesn't work.
  > >I gather you have a net book.
  > >does it have a home page up and page down and end key what about the 
  > >insert key do you have to press the function key for the insert to work.
  > >on another note do you know about d-star or have used it.
  > >I see you have a ham radio call sign.
  > >Thanks and 73
  > >Carlos
  > >
  > >
  > >----------
  > >From: ka5eta@xxxxxxxxxx
  > >To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  > >Subject: Re: jaws 11 and net books
  > >Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 21:16:08 -0500
  > >
  > > On a netbook you have to use the function key and arrow key and 
  > > some other combination get the page up, page down, and others like 
  > > that. Also you will have to set jaws to a laptop keyboard. It is 
  > > a learning curve.
  > >----- Original Message -----
  > >From: carlos g
  > >To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  > >Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 6:39 PM
  > >Subject: jaws 11 and net books
  > >
  > >Hi list,
  > >My name is Carlos I am new to the list.
  > >I use to post once in a while years ago.
  > >Well I just bought a net book.
  > >my sighted friend hlped me buy it.
  > >Its an hp net book from best buy.
  > >Since I never had a net book i did not know what to look for.
  > >The first thing was that when the computer was turnd on it did not 
  > >go in to windows right away instead showing some hp media thing.
  > >I prbably could not hae figuered ou what was going on if not for my 
  > >sighted friend setting it up.o
  > >then i found the insert but worked as a print screen first and as an 
  > >insert only in conjction of pressing the function ke.
  > >Thats not good with jaws.
  > >Now i just have fond out it doesn
  > >have a home page up page down or end key.
  > >I took it to best buy and they are goig to let me exchange it for 
  > >another on i have had it for mor thann a month so they are making an 
  > >exception to there rulesbecause the naure of the situation.
  > >if any one has had prolems with net books like this or has any 
  > >suggestions on specific brands like please let me know.Its a nice 
  > >netbook but i don't think i could get uso not having a home key or 
  > >page upor page dow or end.
  > >thanks for any help.
  > >The sales person in best buy suggested toshiba net books but i don't know.
  > >Thaks
  > >Carlos
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