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Well, since I was trained using a laptop keyboard I suggest you learn the 
keyboard shortcuts and get a standard notebook without the number pad unless 
you work with numeric entry a lot. Learning the laptop keyboard shortcuts saves 
you a lot of time since you don't have to leave the keyboard area to enter 

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To chime in with this I would also insist on the full keyboard which will 
include the numpad.

One of my sons has a Toshiba notebook with the full keyboard. It does not have 

Cy, The Anasazi


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I would say get an acer, and unless you really want the limits of a netbook, 
I.E. no disk drive and limited cpu power, I'd get a full notebook


also get 2 gigabits of ram minimum, and 4 would be better, and if it has 
windows 7 starter on it be sure you get an upgrade option.


that's my best advice, and up till recently Toshiba's were ok, good as most, 
but some of the newest seem to have some new features which cause them to 
vibrate, you will want to ask them about this, what it's doing when its shaking 
and how specifically to turn it off. 


you may as well, need some sighted assistance with changing the F buttons from 
the media mode to there normal mode which is either done in control panel 
keyboards on some computers, and on others in the bios (which is why I said you 
might need some help) since many have said that there unit came with the 
additional functions of the f keys (normally used by hitting the fm key and the 
f key together) has been reversed so that the functions such as volume control 
and screen settings are under normal f key control, and things like close 
program keystroke (alt and f4 in the past) are now alt, FM key F4. 




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  Hi list,
  My name is Carlos I am new to the list.
  I use to post once in a while years ago.
  Well I just bought a net book.
  my sighted friend hlped me buy it.
  Its an hp net book from best buy.
  Since I never had a net book i did not know what to look for.
  The first thing was that when the computer was turnd on it did not go in to 
windows right away instead showing some hp media thing.
  I prbably could not hae figuered ou what was going on if not for my sighted 
friend setting it up.o
  then i found the insert but worked as a print screen first and as an insert 
only in conjction of pressing the function ke.
  Thats not good with jaws.
  Now i just have fond out it doesn
  have a home page up page down or end key.
  I took it to best buy and they are goig to let me exchange it for another on 
i have had it for mor thann a month so they are making an exception to there 
rulesbecause the naure of the situation.
  if any one has had prolems with net books like this or has any suggestions on 
specific brands like please let me know.Its a nice netbook but i don't think i 
could get uso not having a home key or page upor page dow or end.
  thanks for any help.
  The sales person in best buy suggested toshiba net books but i don't know.

Yadiel J. Sotomayor

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