RE: jaws 10 and ms word 2007

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It works in Vista, use it every day.  



Rose Combs



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That shouldn't be happening. F7 works fine with all MS Office applications,
but I'm using XP Pro, so not absolutely certain on Vista. But I'd be very
surprised if F7 was no longer supported.


I do know that JAWS 11 takes a long time to respond to a F7 command, and I
credit this to JAWS 11 becoming somewhat bloatware. It's getting almost too
large to maintain and keep working efficiently.




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Subject: jaws 10 and ms word 2007


Hi I have a friend who is using jaws v10 and ms word 2007 with vista os.  In
previous versions of ms word the f7 key  enabled him to use the spell
checker in ms word and also outlook express, this is no longer the case.
Can the spell checker still be used with jaws and if so how?many thanks

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