Re: instructions on how to use Windows Media player?

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Whatever happened to Led Zeppellin?
LOLBefore you start, don't whining James about this not being JAWS...


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If you go to, and use winamp, there is a really good 80's station called club 977. All they play are songs from the 80's.
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Hello Everyone:

I would like some help. I am sending this to both JAWS List Serve and Freedom Scientific Software Support. Can someone please send me instructions on how to use the MS Windows Media Player? I have the most up to date version. I have some songs on my HD that I would like to hear, but I would like to find some good Disco and Classic Rock and Roll stations on the web or local stations on the web someone can send me. Remember Disco, 80's English Hits, as well as Classic Rock and Roll i.e. Eagles, Rolling Stone, Forerunner, Journey etc.

  Beto Escobar III, LMSW

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