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  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 09:57:49 -0600

I was having the same issue, but sometimes pressing alt+n doesn't work, I just 
get an okay button and a couple other choices in the dialog--do not show this 
again checkbox, and learn about the information bar, which takes me to IE Help 
and outlines examples of Web sites where this popup occurs.  These include 
downloading activeX controls or plugins to play a stream, etc.  Jaws doesn't 
read the information bar for the specific site I'm trying to open.  Has anyone 
else found alt+n ineffective?
Sometimes when I open a site where Flash player is required, I get a crash and 
error report dialog.  See this site:
When I select a recorded service to play, I get a crash and "send error report" 
message.  Anyone know what IE settings will take care of this?
By the way, I recently experienced a crashed version of Windows on my old hard 
drive and had to change drives and ionstall a new version of Windows.  Before 
the crash I could go to IE's favorites with control-shift-i, but that doesn't 
seem to work anymore with this new version of XP Pro on the new drive.  I can 
still use alt-a, but can only use first-letter navigation to go to the favorite 
site I want.  With control-shift-i I can start typing the name of a favorite 
site and it will spell out what I'm trying to find, but now that keystroke 
isn't working anymore.  What IE settings can I change to enable that keystroke 
again?  Is this a Jaws or IE issue?  When my new drive was set up, I got Jaws 
9.0 on my system, and I don't have the authorization number for activating one 
of the later versions.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Douglas Richard Dexheimer
Chief of Braille Productions
Born-Again Productions
The Friedman Place, Apt.308
5527 N. Maplewood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
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  Thanks guys. It slipped my mine for some reason but then again it doesn't 
help I am multi-tasking here at work iether! I'm simple-minded like that haha.


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  Hi I believe but don't quote me on this that it is the command Alt Plus the 
letter N for november if what your after. 

  Hope that helps you out. 



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  Using IE 8 how do I click on the information bar?

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