Re: how to find out the file size of my hotmail's inbox account with Jaws

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Hi, Daniel. According to Google, this is almost impossible. Here is what they 

Windows Live Hotmail (MSN Hotmail) has implemented an ever-growing storage 
space scheme that provides and increases the space available for user's e-mail 
as need arises. The ever-growing storage feature will provide Hotmail account 
with as much storage space as it needs by increasing inbox capacity when limit 
is hit or more space is required, provided that normal amount of email messages 
are sent and received.

As such, Hotmail storage space is not unlimited in size, although it will keep 
increasing and growing month after month. So how do you know what's the storage 
space that been allocated to your Hotmail account? Previously, when the Hotmail 
space limit was 5GB, in Today screen after logging into Windows Live Hotmail, a 
storage space utilization status bar is displayed. However it has been replaced 
with a simple text - "You have ever-growing storage."

To check the current actual storage space limit on a Hotmail account, user has 
to use the following workaround, and it's almost impossible now to check the 
space available or space that has been used from Hotmail webmail web interface.

Method 1 - Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector is a free add-in for Microsoft Outlook that 
allows users to access Windows Live Hotmail or Office Live Mail accounts 
through Microsoft Outlook, with ability to sync emails, contacts, tasks and 
notes of Windows Live Calendar. In Outlook Connector, total space allocated, 
used and free for Hotmail account can be viewed at Mailbox Cleanup function.

Download Outlook Connector for Office 2010


 Outlook Connector for Office 2003 and Office 2007. Outlook Connector is also 
available through

 Windows Live Essentials download.

Method 2 - MSN Explorer

MSN Explorer is web browser (essentially Internet Explorer shell) that 
integrates MSN and Windows Live features such as Windows Live Hotmail and 
Windows Live Messenger with a web browser. After linking with Hotmail's Windows 
Live ID, MSN Explorer Mail function can show the maximum folder size allowed, 
which represents total storage space available on Hotmail.

As seen from screenshots above, Hotmail account is now providing 500 GB (512000 
MB) of disk storage space to Hotmail users, and it applies to at 
Hotmail-powered accounts from Admin Center, Office Live and MSN Premium. 
However, do note even there is 500 GB of space to spare, any sudden and 
abnormal huge increase in inbox size likely trigger warning e-mail for Windows 
Live Hotmail, or worse, account been suspended from receiving emails. 

Bill White billwhite92701@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  hi everyone, as the subject implys, I was wondering is there anyway one can 
find out the file ssize of there inbox using an hotmail account with Jaws? 
  I am cureious because on my google account that I don't use really I could 
find this out with logging in going to inbox can't remember which view I had to 
chose eitherstandard view or HTNL view well at the bottom of the page somewhere 
it says something like You have used 512MB and then gives a really long number 
that started with 7.

  So I was wondering if anyone else on this uses a hotmail account to use there 
emails and know of a way to check the file size with Jaws then I would be 
greatful if they could let me know and of course others on this list who might 
not know about it like I do and there for learn something new as well as me. 
  I am using Jaws 12 and windows live mail version 2009. 

  Look forward to hearing your comments


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