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  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 10:06:20 -0600

You might want to explain all that to FS as well. This goes to show that a bad 
or incomplete install of something else can cause problems later on down the 
road. This sounds like you might have to uninstall Office before you can 
reinstall Jaws. But the FS people will know more about those details than I do.
I have MS Office at work, but I think it got installed before Jaws did.
Anyway, good luck.

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  Well thank you for responding. I will have to call FS because I’ve had 
someone look it up and she can’t find it anywhere.  Someone unfamiliar with 
screen readers just installed Office XP on my system but I don’t think it was a 
complete install because of how it is working and how Jaws was working with 
it,the reason I tried to reinstall it so will be calling ASAP.



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  Barbara, the particular error code you got doesn't sound familiar. If no one 
else on the list has any suggestions, I'd suggest calling Freedom Scientific 
technical support and telling them the error code you got when you tried to 
re-install Jaws 8. Be sure to give them your Jaws serial number. That error 
code will give them a clue as to what went wrong and it might provide an answer 
as to how to correct it.

  Sorry I can't be of more help. Please let us know what happened.

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    Hope someone can help.  I uninnstalled 8.0 due to some problems I was 
having and tried to reinstall it.  I got this message: unable to continue the 
installation error:824. sub code:0.

    Anybody have any ideas what is going on.  I also heard something about my 
system not being modified, said to go back to setup which I did but got the 
same message when I tried a second time.

    I’m using xp.

    Thanks for any help


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