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all good, but this type of cd will not play in a standard cd player because you have burned a data cd thus creating an mp3 cd. if your cd player is an mp3 player it will play.

Legend has it that on Thursday 10/7/2010 08:44 AM, Hamid Hamraz said:
Maybe I am getting it wrong, but if you want to write files to a CD using XP, you don't need any extra software. do this: 1- browse to the files you want to burn to CD, using "my Computer" (I mean the explorer by pressing windows + E)
2- select and copy them.
3- browse the CD folder using again the "my computer"
4- paste them there.
5- after the copy finishes you are ready to burn them to CD; again go back to "my computer" top directory, where you can see your local disks and CD drives, etc. 6- go to the CD and press the application key; there should be an item named "write these files to CD", press enter on it and windows XP built-in CD writing wizard starts. follow the few simple steps.
That's it.

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this is my first post, but I have jaws 11, windows office 2007, and both roxio and windows media player
I wanted to know the steps to create a Cd.
UI have alot of music saved on my computer, and don't know how to transfer them to a cd. I can copy cd to cd, but not sure how to place music to a cd from the computer.
thanks for any help

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