Re: hello question about voices

  • From: "Dave 'SqueezeBox' Carlson" <dgcarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 10:21:06 -0800

I suspect that any real-style SAPI 5 voice you will have a delay. There is a 
whole lot of processing going on. If you are moving through  standard folder 
lists, etc. I recommend Eloquence as your default voice and use SAPI 5 only for 
Say All Voice.

Then you can use SAPI 5 by pressing Ins-Down Arrow, or switch to Eloquence with 
Alt-Ins-Down Arrow for reading large documents.

SAPI 5 is just too slow when doing normal Windows operations.


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  Subject: hello question about voices

  Hello there every one.  Let me be a bid more clear.  I use sapi 5 as my 
default synthesizer.  I use either Samantha, or a t n t crystal Whay lag a few 
seconds but for the most part they are ok. but I want to by some of the 
kepstral voices. but I need to know if that are like this example,  when you 
have toe toter and message voice on and jaws says folder list view,  to move 
throw the items use the aero keys.  between those sentences, is there a huge 
delay? with the okapella heather voice that my coleeg uses, there is a big 
delay.   I am wondering if that delay is noticeable with sepstral.  Thanks I 
want to know before I spend more money. Alex.

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