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Well Dorothy it is kinda like this:

JAWS takes a picture of your computer's hardware and some software.

When anything changes such as the wind is blowing harder outside, the moon
has changed phases or JAWS just feels like it you will be notified that you
must again authorize JAWS. Of course you only have 3 keys before you need to
communicate with helpful FS and play the "Mother may I?".

Now, from time to time my JAWS declares it is running in demo mode and I
just re-boot and that seems to solve the problem.

Cy, The Anasazi


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 dear list having what appeared to be a clean install of jaws on my dell and
subsequent crash and visit of a so called dell support jaws would only work
in demo mode.  a memberof    this list said it due to my "thumb print with
fs changing, I am wondering just what constitutes a "thumb print? I know
clever vips who use Jaws and make their own computers, they do not make
laptops the components are too small,  now if a Jaws user makes a desktop
and  adjusts it or makes a few improvements how muchconstitutes a change of
thumbprint with fs? wwhich obviously thought a change of draw was my,well
what exactly does it think I am using new pc or doing something illegal?
The idea of a never changing  thumb print means what exactly,can't they ask
me first anyway now  whole computer is now being reinstalled that will mean
more than a thumb print of course  What is the smallest change of thumbprint
that fs will not get worried about please I am just being curious thanks

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