had to give up testing JAWS 11 beta

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 13:16:55 -0500


Y'all may remember a little while back I had major focus issues with Windows 
Mail and file lists involving JAWS build number 10.0.1154.  Those issues 
have been resolved for build 10.0.1154.  With the first beta of JAWS 11, 
(build 11.0.634), stability seemed to have been retained and no focus issues 
evident.  However, when I upgraded to beta build 11.0.536, the focus issues 
returned.  Removing JAWS 11 and all settings along with the entire JAWS 11 
folder and re-installing from the beta download of 11.0.536 did not help the 
issue; despite the fact that I did it 5 times.
    If JAWS 11 had some real improvements to it, I could maybe see 
continuing on with the effort to test it and buy the final release; but, as 
it stands now, I just cannot justify carrying on with the beta testing; that 
is, unless I get a totally clean install of Windows 7 to a brand new hard 
drive and then maybe I'll think about it.

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