RE: getting jaws to come up talking.

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No vista, sorry, should have mentioned:
xp home, all updates, sp3.

At 08:10 PM 7/27/2008, you wrote:
Are you running Vista by chance? If so, there is a new twist in the dialog box you have to change under options Basics dialog. I can't remember how it works now but know that when I tried this on a Vista machine we had to hunt for it.

Rose Combs

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My wife has a new computer, an AMD dual core 2.3Ghz with 2 gigs of ram. Jfw will not come up talking, no matter the start up setting. I re-installed, (looking for repair which did not exist for some reason), even running the downloaded installation without that option shown to me, so un-installed, and re-installed, keeping her settings for apps, etc. Still, the program, though it's loaded, will not come up talking. It is using the standard Eloquence that comes with it by default, so, any more ideas? If I am told how, I will set it up to run as a service, but need to know how to do that.

Curtis Delzer

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