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yeah Jim, you are absolutely right.

From: "Jim Grimsby" Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 22:52

hi pardon me but you are going to run in to problems if you persist in
this kind of thing.  people consider this spam and you should not do it.

hope this helps. 

jim grimsby
msn: jim.grimsby@xxxxxxx
email:  jimgrims@xxxxxxxxxxx
skype: jim.grimsby 

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OK, I want to send this message to the 2 lists I am mainly subscribed to
because, um, I want to get this started. Because I know that some people
like forums better, please subscribe to mine at
and start any topic. I am willing to talk about jaws tips and tricks,
programming, broadcasting, just anything. so, please visit
or visit me on the www at

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