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  • From: "Mike & Barbara" <mb69mach1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:39:56 -0700

Hi Tom;

Open the default configuration manager, open user options, open Forms Mode 
Options, tab to Forms mode indications use sounds and check this box.  Tab 
once to sound for entering forms mode... button and press space bar to open. 
You are now in a list view.  Arrow down through this list and pick a sound 
that you want hear when an edit / forms mode is activated.  If you want to 
hear a particular sound, highlight the sound, tab 1 time to the play button 
and press the space bar, then if you want to hear more sounds shift tab back 
to the list, highlight another sound and tab to play.  After you have found 
the entering forms mode sound you want, tab to okay and press space bar. 
Now, tab 1 time and press the space bar to pick a sound for exiting forms 
mode.  This is done the same way as picking a sound for entering forms mode. 
Personally I use the buzzer3 sound for entering and the buzzer4 sound for 
exiting forms mode.  After you have closed the exiting forms mode sound 
options you need to check the box Forms Mode Off When New page Loads 
checkbox.  Finally tab and press space bar / enter on okay, control + S to 
save the changes and alt +F4 to close.  Hope this helps.  Take care.
It's tax time!  Remember folks, if you add, IRS to the word, the, you get "T 
H E I R S ".  That spells THEIRS!
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  Subject: forms mode

  For some reason I am no longer hearing a "pop" sound when Jaws goes in and
  out of forms mode. Although I don't care for the "automatic" forms mode I 
  like to have the sound indication that it is in or out of forms mode. 
  someone please assist in getting this back?  Thanks, Tom

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