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AdAware is *not* a firewall.  For a free firewall, go with Sygate or Kurio.

If you are going to use Norton Anti-Virus, don't buy just the AV program. Instead, go to a shopping search site such as and do a search for Norton Internet Security 2005. I'm sure now that NIS 2006 is coming out soon, you can find an OEM version of NIS 2005 for $25 or so. As a matter of fact, I recently saw it for free after you redeemed a couple mail-in rebates.

This gives you a firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus, anti-spam, ad/pop-up blocking, all in one package.
TrendMicro has a similar suite although I haven't priced it.

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Hi, Rosemarie.

For the virus protection, I use symantech antivirus, and it works very well.
I think you'd like that one a lot. Also, Ad-aware is a very good program,
and extrememly accessable with Jaws. You can get the scripts for it on I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, let me know.


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Hi, guys.  Can someone recommend a good firewall and antivirus program for
me?  I'm sure there are pretty good ones out that are free.  Thanks in


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