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Hi Chris, How do you get those add ons? Also are they free? and is there a 
website where you can check out all the different add ons that firefox offer? 
Again are all of them free or do yu have to pay for some of them. Any resources 
e.g a website address etc will be great! 

Best Wishes 


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Well, in order to have firefox make sounds you probably had to have installed 
an add on for that. Therefore, by disabling that particular add on, you can 
disable the associated sounds for it. I for example, have a couple of sound add 
ons. One for the mouse clicking sound you get in IE and the other is for 
general navigational sounds.









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Subject: firefox and sounds 


Hi, how do you stop firefox from making sounds when it loads.


Have a blessed day,
Stacey Robinson and GEB dog Chesley 
Eagleville, Tennessee.

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  Subject: RE: Firefox loading last site visited.


  Firefox can be configured to remember and load the pages you last accessed 
prior to closing the program.  To change this setting, do the following:

  1. Open the Tools Menu and activate "Options"

  2. The first option is a combo box labeled, "When Firefox Starts"

  3. Navigate to this combo box and use the ARROW KEYS to choose from among:

                 Show my Windows and Tabs from Last Time

                 Show my Home Page

                 Show a Blank Page

  4. After selecting an option, Navigate to OK and activate the button to save 
your changes.


  Firefox will now load the options you selected above when you launch it anew.




  CathyAnne Murtha

  Access Technology Institute

  (520) 303-2655


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