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I'd stick with ie.  Firefox is used basically the same way (i.e. is accessed 
from within the JAWS virtual cursor; links list, frames list, quick nav 
keys...all the same).  Unfortunately though there are rather serious 
accessibility holes, so, although it's a lot more secure, I don't really think 
it's yet work the trouble.  Give it a shot, though, if you have some time, and 
decide for yourself.

Happy holidays!

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  Subject: firefox

  Hi to you all,

  first, greetings to you all and happy holidays.

  Firefox of Mozilla, can someone please tell me more about this browser?
  Can I download it and intall it and work well with Jaws 7 with win xp pro 
  with sp2 with a new pentium 4 pc with a GB of RAM?
  I wish to use it and to use internet explorer too, can I use them, both?
  I mean or this or the other?
  Are there special commands to use this firefox browser or these are the same 
  commands as I do know with the Internet Explorer?
  Any help is much greatly appreciated

  A lot of thanks in advance


  Moti Azrad
  Musician & Piano-Tuner

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