final 4 JFW5 and MS Word?

  • From: *Mickey* <5297@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 17:17:39 -0500

Hi All!

misdtry solved.

First let me say to Francis, Gery, and others that I took the time to try 
each and every suggestion given to me.

I never ask for help then refuse to try what I am offered.

I appreciate help and am grateful for the twenty plus messages I got off 
and on the list.

Briefly, I was able to transfer the document by floppy to another machine 
and have complete line change.

I never lost all other functions on the original machine I could do every 
edit function but line changes.

The high light of lines, paragraphs and pages nothing changed the line spacing.

I built this computer myself last month new with state of the art newest 

I even retired my old Jaws 3.1 software and bought a new one.

I obviously did not have an OEM version of Windows, but actually had bought 
outright Windows XP Professional at Office Max and installed it new; Along 
with Office 2004, and some other programs.

I have no less than ten grand in to this new machine.

Everything was working fine until yesterday.

And since Jaws was still fully functional as was everything else I knew it 
had to be within Office 2004 Word program.

So since I have full Microsoft support I wrote them at the same time I 
wrote the lists.

I just got a reply from them a few minutes ago.

I was instructed to use the3 search feature find a certain file and trash it.

The further instruction was that it would re install itself when I re 
started the computer.

So I followed those Microsoft instructions.

Well needless to say, I am now able to adjust line spacing once again.

Then what has blown my mind now is I copied the name of that file in to a 
message to send the list via Email because I wanted to share it with the 
list; But for what ever reason, the list server rejected my message.

As soon as I figure that problem of message rejection simply because of a 
wild file name being in it I will share the name of the file with this list.

Meanwhile if somebody such as the couple of people who wrote me saying they 
had the same problem will write me off list I will send it to you or give 
you my telephone number.

Thanks for all the help from everybody.

if we can all stick together like this and keep on issues we can get them 

I am sure glad I made the investment to buy Windows XP Professional 
outright so I could have that prompt support.

Keep that in mind folks when you build your next computer.

Yes that's M I C K E Y and my name is the same as the Mouse,
but no our ears are not the same.

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