f s tech support concerns

  • From: "Bruce Riddle" <bruce@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 09:11:37 -0600

Hello List,
I had a serious issue happen with f s tech support this  week. I was not 
going to say anything about it but after thinking about how the highers up 
kind of blew it off I thought I would let yall know. I will give you the 
readers digest version.
I called their tech support because of sluggishness with jaws 6.
the tech said his name  was chad and  was very rude.  this should have 
brought up a red flag because   their tech support are very courteous. this 
guy tells me  among other things to  go to my ms config and disable 
everything in start up. I tell him that did not sound right to me because 
for one thing my nortons ranin start up. he tells me my nortons runs as a 
service and did not need to be in start up. this did not sound right to me 
how ever figureing this guy was trained. I did that. after a little while of 
thinking about it and talking to a friend. I checked and sure enough my 
nortonn was not running. I then called the tech support found out they sub 
contract tech help now. talked to the supervisor He never ask me my name 
serial number or phone number. wich immediately told me he was going to blow 
it off. I ask him for his supervisors name and extention he give me the 
wrong extention how ever I did get ahold of his supervisor. The supervisor 
looked into it the next day he called me back and first thing he  said to me 
that  i had called 6 times to tech support the day before. wich is correct 3 
times was to get ahold of  some one to take this report. So obviously he 
did not take my report serious. I believe that my call was routed to one of 
the sub contracted tech help and  one of that guys friends answered and gave 
tech help however they done it under the name of fs and that is the number i 
called and FS should have been more concerned. I am some what familiar with 
the workings of a computer and knew that the nortons thing did not sound 
right, but what if a new comer to computers had gotten the same advice. what 
really concerns me is I am afraid this kind of stuff is becoming the norm 
and not accidents anymore. maybe f s has become to big of a business to care 
about the users since we are not major corparations

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