Re: external sound cards and jaws

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whare can i find this card.
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  I am using an USB external Triple Talk with my JAWS.

  It works very well and if the Triple Talk happens not to be turned on at 
start up then JAWS goes to the internal card.

  Now, if the Triple Talk is not on at start up you can *not* switch to it when 
you turn it on. You have to restart.

  Cy, The Anasazi. 



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  hi listers. hope you can help. is anyone succesfully using jaws with an 
external soundcard? i just got a new machine and there is a soundblaster 
onboard card along with a soundblaster second card. the second card takes over 
because of some kind of soundblaster issue whare 2 of them cant run at the same 
time or something. so if anyone is using an external soundcard with jaws could 
you tell me the brand and whare to get it and so forth? thanks a tun for any 
help gang.

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