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I have an external USB hard disk drive with its own power source, not powered 
by my computer.  When it is connected to a windows xp system, it shows up on 
the computer as an additional disk drive in your My Computer program.  The jaws 
ILM is installed on my main C: drive and the additional external hard disk 
drive shows up as drive f:  on my particular computer.  I do not have an ILM on 
the external hard disk drive.  The external hard disk drive is used for back 
up, music and book files, and  it is easily portable to another computer with a 
USB port.
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  Hi to you, all.

  I've a friend who purchased a new external hard disk.
  His purpose is to use it as an external hard disk for only saving there music 
files and other kind of data.
  He is a totally blind pc user with Ilm Jaws 6 and windows xp hoem edition.
  The question is:
  When he connects this external hard disk, does he need to activate his Jaws 
Ilm authorisation and loosing one key or not?

  second,  when he connects this external 400 
  GB hard disk, does he need to connect the usb cable only or he must connect 
his external hard disk first to the electricity power?

  I didn't use this product and I told him to ask his question here.

  Many thanks for any help.


  Moti Azrad
  Musician & Piano-Tuner

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