RE: email programs for Windows 7?

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 20:49:33 -0000

There is no e-mail client in Windows 7. You are going to have to get one
yourself. Microsoft recommends Live Mail but some of us are having issues
using it with JAWS. I personally use Outlook 2007 and it works reliably well
with JAWS 11. So just to emphasize there is *no* e-mail client in *any*
edition of Windows 7.

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I would think that Windows Mail comes with Window 7 and it is pretty much
the same as Outlook Express. I have Windows Mail with Vista and once in a
while Jaws refers to it as Outlook Express.  Tom

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        As outlook Express apparently does not come with Windows 7, what
email programs work as well with Jaws?  Does FS plan to give official
support to another email client?

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