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  • Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 11:08:53 -0500

That is not what the user is asking about.
In the Address book list, hold down the Control key and arrow up or down
through the list.  Do not release the Control key.  Each time you land on an
address you want to send to, press the spacebar while still holding down the
Control key.  Continue arrowing until you have pressed Space on all desired
items.  Now you can release the Control key, but do not press any arrow key
or you will undo your selections.  Then press Enter to open a "new message"
window where the people you selected will all be inserted for you.  Then it
is business as usual; write your message and send it on it's merry way.


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That is because the version of jaws that allows you to select multiple text
successfully is in version 7 of jaws.  hth, Judith

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hello all
i read a message recently on this list as to how to select multiple
addresses from the address book and select them successfully from an address
list, even if they are not next to each other. i tried to do this and must
be missing a step as was not successful.
i'm using outlook express 6 and jaws 6.2 with xp pro if someone could send
the steps on how to do this would appreciate it.
each time i try to do this the previous selection is removed.
also have successfully remove d the greater than signs from forwards. thank
you all.

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