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Hi Brian,

I am currently running two sound cards on my computer.  XP Media Center, 
Jaws 7, WMP 11.  Jaws is running through the original sound card and all 
other audio through WMP, IE, the second sound card.  I did nothing to change 
Jaws, it is running as it was after its original installation.  I know 
nothing about being able to adjust the treble and bass of JFW.

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Subject: eloquence adjustment

Hi friends,
I'm using Windows XP pro, Windows Media Player 11, and Jaws 7. I've combined 
all my audio devices to run through an audio mixer and in the process the 
eloquence voices, namely Glen, sound like they have to much bass. My first 
question is, can the eloquence voices bass and treble properties be 
adjusted? If so are they wav/MP3 or midi audio sounds? Second what device on 
my computer controls the playing of the eloquence  voices? By this I mean is 
it Windows Media Player or does it go straight through the sound card I have 
Jaws assigned to play through? I have tried going to options, voices, 
individual voices and there adjusted the pitch with no useable success. Any 
help or suggestions you may have in helping me with this audio problem would 
be greatly appreciated.

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