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Honestly, though, if I had my true druthers, just a plain old .txt file is just 
wonderful for an eBook.  I read a lot of the stuff on Project Gutenberg and 
much of it is in plain text format.  Bookmarks, you say?  Just put an odd 
character combination where you stopped reading and do a jaws find to it.  I 
like inserting a string like khkj with a space on either side of it where I 
left off and just deleting it when I resume reading.  I've never had Jaws 
encounter a problem finding it, the format is always accessible, and the file 
size is tiny compared to just about anything else you can find.  Just read the 
Three Musketeers like that over the weekend using jaws with the Australian 
English Karen voice which I find insanely pleasant to listen to never mind the 
oddity of an American English speaker choosing Ausie English to read a book 
originally written in French.


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  PDF is a good way to read Ebooks.  I also found that if you can find ebooks 
that are in a web based format it is easy to read them.

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  Which of these e-book formats works best with JAWS?

  Adobe EPUB eBook   
  Adobe PDF eBook   
  Microsoft eBook   
  Mobipocket eBook  

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