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Hi Korin, Christine, & Cy,

What I would like to do with this program is convert sound files that I have 
copied from my Olympus digital recorder to the computer into text files. 
Olympus tells me that Dragon Naturally Speaking is the program that will do 
the job.  Have any of you done this and how hard would doing this task for 
someone who doesn't know the program.  Your help and information will be 
greatly appreciated.  Take care.


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  Yes it is accessible - with J-Say, an interface program.

  Chirping Bat can give you all the information you will ever need. (LOL)

  Cy, The Anasazi.


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  Hi All,

  I am trying to find out if Dragon Naturally Speaking is accessible with 
Jaws .  Is anyone currently using this program, or have used it in the past? 
Also, if there is more than 1 version, could someone please recommend the 
version that is most compatible with Jaws?  All advice & information will be 
greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.  Take care.


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