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  ha you are in business I see but many are not they are using their savings to 
learn at home, and sadly people in that position often get a poor deal. I am 
not asking about music or  the frills just to be able to use    jaws yes jaws,s 
 on a machine for which I paid certainly a lot in sterling, You know I  got a 
bit mixed up along the way I thought you were a grandfather in sweden but you 
run a business in Usa wonder why i got such an idea Dorothy
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  Can you please stay on topic with JAWS, and avoid ranting about your Dell 
service issues? Getting just a bit weary.

  No, I'm not pretending to be a moderator, I'm just pretending to be tired of 
the on-and-on. Sorry to be curt.

  Created in the Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Jose, California

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      well I told the  support in India who phoned that jaws is speaking on a 
very old laptop not the dell which my local engineer thinks should have  a new 
drive  seems they have different terms for home users than business, I suppose 
you all know this, I read all the small print but did not find it but if you 
are a business or professional person you can chose a day out  of 5 days, I 
will get a phone call any time on a particular day from 9 till 5, on no 
condition can he say morning or afternoon, he has no idea who will come at all 
noman my local engineer is bringing the dell windows 7 tonight but he wants to 
be here if possible when any engineer arrives, and I cannot arrange that only 
hope so I told dell support the man better have more than the "20 minutes  on 
site they think he will need as he will have to put dell back wire it up and 
put in a new hardrive,as for Jaws he need not  worry just get the dell fixed, 
and I will see to jaws I have been given a link for another download I hope I 
will finally have a decent computer the 2 year warranty had a lot of terms and 
conditions and I know I read them all,, it even gave insurance against 
accidental breakage,but it is the little loops you miss,  that give you a 
decent service or not. I was told the man who called tore off leaving my 
external drives  on floor router not back in place,was "no longer working   
.for us    well better hope for the best but so far Dellneed action not  
promises Dorothyfor us

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