dell agony

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 22:05:40 -0000

 many thanks for the support from list members, I can understand the dell 
engineer not knowing jaws or that it now only wants to work in demo mode due to 
it thinking I am using a different machine, but he was not even around to see 
that,he had only one thing in mind speed and getting my signature on a work 
sheet. In UK where I am you cannot buy dell in a shop but by phone Ron line if 
a home user via India, if professional or business Ireland, also if you have 
bought an on site warranty you cannot let another party do work or you will 
invalidate your warranty so first you try to explain what is wrong even that 
was hard to do as I had to make the Indian call center listen whilst i tried to 
play long numbers to him, after all  I had no way of initially contacting them, 
they could have been patient I had details on a small recorder, anyway only 
item they grasped was a cd rom draw,so engineer comes fixed with doing a draw 
and dashing off,but he was rude and unpleasant and left the external drives 
where I couldnot see them kept hammering the top of dell desktop saying product 
key is here, I still am not sure where if not in the cd's dell sent if another 
is inside the top of desktop, I have emailed the support team and asked them to 
contact me for feed back  I managed to load up my Ocr and scanned the sheetss 
of paper he leftbehind being curious about the print he wouldnot read.  I was 
angry to be told how marvellous dell support was and how"in the comfort of your 
own home we come and put computer right!  so i explained by email once a had a 
contact using my old laptop just what happened seems they will come from the 
paperwork back to askme about how happy I am about the service, so at least 
they know what to expect, some courtesy a person who will listen, I tried to 
make him read the papers he wantedme tosign first but he was so rude and 
unpleasant  not understanding he had to put my hand where to sign,but shouting 
"there there,I was only glad when he went, he claimed on one hand he has his 
own business and was busy well fair enough but if dell use him or send someone 
like that into a vips home they should know better, I am sure a business  s or 
a porfessional person would not get such  dreadful treatment but just because I 
am only  a woman alone doesnot mean I will either having to stop strangers in 
street to ask them to look for things  like the external drives was not ideal,I 
have in past had to do this,but not as a result of a visit from a company 
engineer who leaves such glowing information about the treatment behind I will 
have to reactivate jaws now of course, I had not put a spare voice on the 
dell,and I wonder if one of the free speech engines would also think it is on a 
new machine, or if it is a feature of Jaws it seems if I had left jfw 11 on 
that too would only work in demo mode  thanksagain  for your kindness and 
support Dorothy  

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