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  • Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2009 21:30:12 -0500

Dave, I did create them and I did get rid of them.  Thanks, Judith
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  Hello Judith:

  Unless you created the folders yourself, It is unlikely that you will be able 
to delete folders that are created by the programmers.  They are created for a 

  It is not relevant to the programmers as to whether you use them or not.  So 
why don't you just accept that they have to be there and ignore them.  What is 
the big deal?

  If you could delete them, you could make the program not function properly or 
not at all!

  Some programmers are smart enough to foresee that users, like you, might want 
to delete default folders that are essential for the correct operation of the 

  So, during the start up of a program, program routines check to make sure 
that everything is present and correct for the program to function properly.  
If a default folder is missing, the program might run but not function 
properly, not run at all or, the program recreates the deleted folder, in order 
to make sure that everything is present and correct.

  So, you will have gone to all of the trouble of deleting the folder for 


  Dave Durber

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