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  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 16:02:09 -0500

chip the fact its used for graphical images is not a reason for using or 
not using power point from a blind perspective.
after all power point presentations are not for the person using the 
software, its for an audience and if the audience is sighted then why not 
use it.

2 points.
point one the same percentage of sighted folks that need power point
for their  jobs
an equal percentage of blind folks will need power point in the same 

in fact power point is an excellent tool to help blind folks deal with a 
visual media.
true doing so may require some reader assistance for best results in some 
but once set up the presentation can be used over and over again with out 
any sighted assistance.

A blind person should not limit them selves to the fact that just because 
its visual that they can not use  visual material to teach or demonstrate a 

point 2.

most folks period do not need power point.
sighted or blind.
teachers and businessmen find it pretty handy though.


p s on the war of the word  issue the included editors in windows are 
pretty shabby from many stand points.
for a good reason, m s wants you to still buy word.

Their are free options that can work with word dot doc format that far 
surpass what comes with windows.
some of these freebies have spell checkers.
in addition their are paid options like the editor in the braille note.
not saying their the equal to the newest release of word  but can in more 
times than not get the job done.

the best reason for getting office is its large market share and the fact 
just about any job you get their is a good chance you will run into m s 
office on that job.
not word perfect.

second reason, jfw is scripted out of the box to work with it.
because of m s office larger market share i suspect jfw will also have 
better scripts for m s office than the word perfect suite.

for that reason any body working or seeking employment their better off 
learning m s office and their we do agree.

in todays world where people are constantly changing jobs flexibility is 
key to staying employed.
good computer skills are always a plus.

I also agree that buying the version with out power point makes sense to 
save a buck for most folks.
just for a differant reason.

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