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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 11:16:52 -0000

The instructions given I believe are for if you either have an earlier version 
of windows or if you have your computer setup to show the classic start menu 
rather than the windows XP one.

If you follow the instructions and you have the newer Windows XP start menu you 
will get to Set program Access when pressing S. If you press C instead you will 
go straight to control Panel on the newer Windows XP menu, meaning to put it in 
My Computer is almost pointless.

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  How interesting.  I just followed your directions.  I know this isn't the 
question you were answering from the other lister, but I wonder what makes it 
desirable to have the control panel appear in My Computer.  Is there any 
advantage apart from past practice or that vaunted characteristic of the PC 
that more than one solution should be available for any problem?  I won't have 
my control panel show up in My Computer until I understand the benefit.
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    From: Robert Hebert 

        To have Control pannel appear in your computer, do the following:
    1. Go to the start menu (press the windows key)
    2. Hit the letter "s" (3 times in my case) until you hear "settings 
    3. Hit the right arrow key and you should hear "control pannel.
    4. press enter.
    5. Cursor down to folder options.
    6. Control tab to the view page.
    7. Tab once and this will put you in a tree view.
    8. Arrow down until you hear "show control pannel in my computer."
    It will likely say "off" in your case. Hit the spacebar and this should 
turn this feature on.
    You should now see your control pannel in my computer.

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    From: stacey robinson 
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    Subject: control panel and my computer

    How do I set windows xp home so that control panel appears in my computer?

    Stacey and Chesley

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