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The handy way to check it is to use the Jaws command to read what's on the 
clipboard, insert windows key X, as in X-ray. That combo is tricky for me.
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  The silent Copy command has nothing to do with JAWS Verbosity settings.  It 
is actually a known bug in versions of JAWS prior to JAWS 10.  The Copy command 
apparently goes silent after Windows Media Player has been launched.  The only 
way to fix this problem is to upgrade to JAWS 10 or 11. But fear not.  Even 
though you may not hear JAWS announce "Copied selection to clipboard." when you 
press Control-C, the command was in fact, successfully executed.  Just execute 
the Paste command, Control-V to verify this.  

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    You may want to check if you accidentally or intentionally changed the 
verbosity level of your JAWS. When changed to intermediate for example, 
keystroke isn't echoed. You can find it by pressing JAWS 6, then JAWS S.






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    What causes jaws to stay silent when I try to copy a file or folder or 
text? the command is done but jaws does not announce, "copy"

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      I am loving avast, works well for me. no intentions of uninstalling it 
and switching to another.


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        Can I ask why you are uninstalling Avast?  What do others think of 
Avast?  Thanks



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        Hi all,

        How do you successfully uninstall avast using jaws.

        I tried but got an error message.

        Also, will MSEE allow you to have mail messages scanned for viruses and 


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