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Google translator? As a translator-in-traning I am offended. Why use that 
garbage? Kurzwhile does a better job anyway.<smile> Kenny, I am just pulling 
your chain. Still, I believe google translator is accessible. I've used it 
quite a bit (don't tell my professors). 

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Wow that sounds neat and cootos to you John for doing such a thing.

How about google translator?


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That would be me doing the coding. We're basically deciding on what to work 
with. It comes down to what freedom scientific will do in their plans, what 
google is doing with google docs, how much time it takes to code, the 
difficulty of the application, and the need of everyone as a whole. The earlier 
posts state very well what we are considering for the next accessible 
application. I can't very well code everything, so it's weighing the options. 
This is the only place where I can get the most suggestions out of people who 
really have the need. So far, some really good suggestion have been made. MS 
access, google docs, and iTunes just to name a few.

Access has got me nervous actually. That application is loaded. I actually hope 
FS has it in mind to do something about it. Apparently they must feel the same 
about it otherwise they would have coded it themselves.

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  I haven't followed this thread but who is going to do all of this coding?

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