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  • From: Jean Menzies <jemenzies@xxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 11:56:40 -0700

Hi Yardbird

Thanks.  That's how I do it.  But the reason I want to know alignment,
is that I sometimes want to know how it lines up against the text in the
document.  Hey, I don't need to know that, I just want to.  And using
tabs to get the part of the header over to the right margin isn't quite
exact.  It's not the same as honest right justification.  It's better to
use breaking and non-breaking spaces.  But when I use those and want to
verify where the text is on the line, I can't tell how it really looks.

Here is some advice that works very nicely to get cleaner alignment in
headers and footers.  I got the below advice from a Word list I'm on.

Realize that if you hit Ctrl + Shift + spacebar, it creates a hard space. In
your minds eye, visualize it as a tiny circle between words that holds them
together. This is also how the keystroke is represented to the sighted if
they turn on their markers.

Anyway...if you add that marker between words, it keeps them together so
they stick together with that one space between them, as they should when
viewed normally. However, the trick is that if you add full justification to
that line, and then end that line with a shift + enter for a short return,
it causes the line to stretch across the length of your page to fully fit
across from the left to right margin. Any words that are held together with
a hard space look normal, but what happens is that a regular space made by
just hitting the space bar ends up getting stretched very far. Even across
the length of a page, if necessary.

The end result is that, with a few keystrokes, you can guarantee that
whatever you need to type is properly aligned in whatever way you want.

Here's a sample.

Say you're starting a new line at the left margin and you'd like your first
and last name lined up along the left and say your city and state lined up
along the right...say for a resume. Here's the keystroke you'd do...

Hit Ctrl + J to set full justification for this line. Type your first name
and hit a hard space with Ctrl + Shift + spacebar, then type your last name.
Now hit a regular space with the spacebar alone. Now type your city, add
another hard space to hold it to the state, by again hitting ctrl + shift +
spacebar and type your state.

Now here comes a few tricks. After the last word in the line, hit Ctrl +
Enter to add a soft line break, that causes the regular space to stretch and
force the city and state to go to the far right alignment.

Now granted, you will end up with an extra return on the next line. That's
usually not a problem, but if you wished it wasn't taking up those extra 12
points or whatever for the size of the font you have, you can easily knock
that puppy down to 1pt that will take up no space that anyone will notice.
After you hit that soft return with ctrl +'ll be down on the
next line just to the left of the last paragraph marker. You need it there
to cause the previous line to remain justified. But you can hold down Shift
and hit the right arrow key once to select that para marker. Then you can
hit Ctrl + Shift + < (the less than sign) and, while holding the ctrl +
shift...tap on the less than sign once for every two point sizes your font
is. In other words, if you have a 12 pt font, tap it 6 times. That'll bring
it down to about 1pt. Although you can actually just hit it many times
because if you hit it more times than necessary, it doesn't matter cos' it'll
stop changing the size when it hits 1pt.

This last step with the para marker isn't always necessary if you don't care
about an extra line of space after your justification line, but it cleans up
the excess nicely.

Now, if you've read this far and if you try this, you'll find Jaws doesn't tell you the status of those spaces, and you can't verify placement of the text on the line with something like alt plus delete. At least last time I did this, I had to again just go on faith. Now, aren't you sorry we got into this?


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